Factorizer 11.09: For factoring integers, finding primes and plotting associated histograms.

Factorizer 11.09

range of numbers, (2) to get all factors of a single number or all factors of all numbers in a range, (3) to find only the prime numbers in a range of numbers, (4) to find pairs of prime numbers (e.g. 107 and 109) in a certain range, (5) to count (without displaying) the prime numbers in a range of numbers, (6) to find Fermat and Mersenne primes less than 2,147,483,647, and (7) to find the Palmen color of a number or the colors of a range of numbers

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MVPspc 20110201: MVPspc is an easy-to-use SPC charting and analysis program.

MVPspc 20110201

Range chart can use the average range, the median range, the average standard deviation, the median standard deviation, the average variance, the average moving range of the ranges, the median moving range of the ranges, the standard deviation of the ranges, or from a know standard deviation. Attributes charts can use approximate or exact control limits. Capability/Performance routines allow you to test alternative distribution fits. Process Performance

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Random Generator for Microsoft Excel Generate unique random numbers, strings, dates, passwords; do random sort.

Random Generator for Microsoft Excel

range with random integers, real numbers, Boolean or dates? - Unique random numbers? - Random passwords of a certain length with different character sets, or with special symbols? - Sort randomly your data in rows, columns or range? - Fill the range with values from Microsoft Excel custom lists, or create your own custom lists? You will need no more than a click to do all this stuff using the Random Generator. The Random Generator add-in works for

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Select Special Cells for Microsoft Excel 1.0: Find cells by value, format, date range; select the min or max value in a range

Select Special Cells for Microsoft Excel 1.0

range. You can easily pick the min or max value in a range and select cells by font color, fill color and other font formats. You can instantly find all cells that meet your condition and narrow the search down by using several criteria: - Select cells by three main condition groups: Type, Value or Font Format. - Pick all dates of the specified range. - Get the maximum / minimum value or unique values. - Find cells by font color, fill color and other

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Apex PDF File Merge PDF file merge software combine, divide, append, break and split big eBook PDFs

Apex PDF File Merge

range of pages or consolidate range of file to a new PDF file by dropping some pages from it. PDF merging utility to merge multiple Adobe file or one or more PDF file into single Adobe documents. It is support to add prefix and suffix with resultant file name. Download free trial version of Apex PDF Splitter Merger from www.filesconversion.com to create split or merge PDF file. It is a standalone application and does not depend on Adobe Acrobat.

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Photo Look 1.5: PhotoLook is a new handy utility for managing digital photos.

Photo Look 1.5

range and sort them. Viewing thumbnails, slide show or full sized are available. Using PhotoAlbum you can also range your photoes according to their quality or some other criterion. Simple interface requires no special knowledge. A must have for every digital camera owner. Easy photo handling. Photo Operations: rotate, change colour, enlighten, darken, etc. Range option. Wide view possibilities. Transparent interface. Try it for free (30 days trial

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eMachineShop 3D CAD 1.52

Free 3D CAD Program with Instant Pricing and Instant Online Ordering. Now you can design custom parts, select a wide range of machines and materials then simply click to order your custom parts online. Choose from the most popular machining services such as CNC milling, lathe turning, finishing machines, sheet metal bending, even casting and more. In addition, a wide range on injection molded plastics are offered. Try it today!

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Smart Words 1.6.1: The program is the specialized tool allowing to limit a range of studing words

Smart Words 1.6.1

range of studied words to those words which will be claimed studying language first of all. In other words, those words which are the most actual for studying at present time will be studied only. Formation of a range of studied words occurs on the basis of available dictionaries and books, or, any other material on a foreign language with which at present time more often to have to work. It allows to narrow a range of studied words, having made

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B-52 Stratofortress in BW Screensaver 1.0: Free screensaver of the  Boeing B-52 Stratofortress jet strategic bomber

B-52 Stratofortress in BW Screensaver 1.0

range, jet strategic bomber. The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a long-range, jet strategic bomber flown by the United States Air Force (USAF) since 1954. The B-52 replaced the Convair B-36 and the Boeing B-47. Although built for the role of Cold War-era nuclear deterrence, its conventional capabilities now take priority. The aircraft has the longest range of any bomber and carries a heavy strategic or tactical weapons load. Its economy in operation

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Stats Golf Par: How to play your best golf more consistently

Stats Golf Par

range goals as well as your course play statistics. Stats Golf allows you to set practice range goals for distance, accuracy, shot shape, pitching, chipping and putting. On the course you can set goals for fairways and greens hit, sand saves, scrambling and even your inner game ! Stats Golf displays your improvements, continuously updated after each round and practice session on easy to use charts and graphs. Take your game to the next level by setting

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